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We're a bunch of cool people who came together to get software done

We need to be upfront with you. We do not have a cool story. Our CEO did not bump into our Head of Marketing at a mini-golf tournament. Our back-end developers did not appear in the college musical. The truth is, we're a bunch of cool people who came together to get software done. Now we get your software done.


is a centralized, cloud-based platform that expedites entrepreneurial operation. Its economization of the process is a form of business management minimalism. heymate! features include customer and staff management; POS; inventory; loyalty programs; payroll; scheduling and simplified HR systems, all in the one platform. Their focus is on intuitive UX and UI design and accessibility. It is the first free ERP platform to market, with a profitability model based on transaction fees. heymate! aims to simplify daily tasks and organically grow clientele through revolutionizing customer and enterprise experience. They have a dual focus on serving both business owners and their clients. In 2022, heymate! debuted their metaverse arm, heymeta!. This app allows business owners to develop a presence in a virtual reality space, without needing infrastructure or capital.

Tech Team

heymate! is underwritten by one of North America's leading tech companies, Synic Software. With decades of experience driven by technological excellence, their work has led to tangible ROI for diverse clientele and revolutionary customer experiences.

After developing a pilot prototype of what would eventually become the heymate! platform, their researchers discovered its huge impact on engagement. What if this solution could be scalable for mass consumption, helping small businesses anywhere? Today, the heymate! platform helps businesses globally to streamline operations, remain competitive and grow their client base.

Core Values

Our core values are non-negotiables during development, with deliverables driven by integrity and intentionality. From needing apps created to custom design, when you work with Synic, this is what you can expect. UX development that is all class, no fuss.



We enhance everyday life through immersive, virtual spaces that cultivate community, celebrate culture, and promote diversity. By transforming customers’ retail experiences, we help business owners elevate their brand and electrify their reach.

Our team continues to develop innovative technology that allows people to re-discover and re-engage with the world through metaverse spaces. An entirely new sensory experience. With continued expansion, we plan to become an industry leader in virtual recreation, for users to amplify their current lifestyle.

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The world is changing. Tasks are automated.

A minimalist lifestyle is all the rage. Intuitive tech is becoming the norm in the Western world, with speed and designs a priority. With an increasingly globalized community, we believe this should be available to everyone, not just those with expendable resources. We built heymate! for you.

Now, SME owners can handle operations without compromising time or money. They can remain tech relevant without steep learning curves. We handle the process so that you have more time for your purpose.

We're not going anywhere, and we're free to try. So when you're ready, come see what revolutionary software in one interface can do for you. Our pursuit is your success.