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Wui King Herbal

This Chinese medicine and dry goods store is family founded and family-run. In the hands of a senior generation, most of the processes weren’t osteotomized stepped in with our beta management system, and watched the transformation happen.

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How did we help?

With paper-based inventory and handwritten financial reports, it was easy to overlook details. But those details, when put together, were substantially holding back the profitability of the business. The client, while not normally tech-savvy, found our system to be intuitive. They required zero set-up support, and were able to transfer all operations to heymate! on the same day. 



“heymate! made my life easier. My business has seen a revenue increase of 150%, and I have time to spend with my son.”

Something Powerful

The world is changing.                                            Tasks are automated.

A minimalist lifestyle is all the rage. Intuitive tech is becoming the norm in the Western world, with speed and designs a priority. With an increasingly globalized community, we believe this should be available to everyone, not just those with expendable resources. We built heymate! for you.

Now, SME owners can handle operations without compromising time or money. They can remain tech relevant without steep learning curves. We handle the process so that you have more time for your purpose.

We're not going anywhere, and we're free to try. So when you're ready, come see what revolutionary software in one interface can do for you. Our pursuit is your success.

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