We need to be upfront with you.

We do not have a cool story. Our CEO did not bump into our Head of Marketing at a mini-golf tournament. Our back-end developers did not appear in the college musical. The truth is, we're a bunch of cool people who came together to get software done. Now we get your software done.


Core Values


Our core values are non-negotiables during development, with deliverables driven by integrity and intentionality. From creating apps to custom design, we know how to deliver UX development that is all class, no fuss. Our flagship endeavor heymate! is no exception. 



We develop our software to minimize useless expenditure and leverage your brand's best assets. Building you quality infrastructure.



Our team is available to work with yours at every step... only if you want us to. We strive for transparency. We built heymate! for your definition of success. Let's find that together. 



heymate! uses the Agile development framework with a scrum team to innovate our UI design. We deliver intentional results that improve in real-time, for you. Constantly evolving.

Our Team

Tech Experts

heymate! is underwritten by one of North America's leading tech companies, Synic Software. With decades of experience driven by technological excellence, our work has led to tangible ROI for diverse clientele.

After developing a pilot prototype of what would eventually become the heymate! platform, their researchers discovered its huge impact on engagement. What if this solution could be scalable for mass consumption, helping small businesses anywhere? Today, the heymate! platform helps businesses globally to streamline operations, remain competitive and grow their client base.




The metaverse is part of the future of retail. We're embracing this inevitable evolution through immersive, virtual spaces that cultivate community, celebrate culture, and promote diversity.

By transforming customers’ retail experiences, we will help business owners further elevate their brand and electrify their reach.

You don't have to know how the metaverse works to get involved. We're about removing barriers to entry. Welcome to the future.