Retail for the 21st century. 

All your goods and services in one app. Plus VR experiences, universal cash back and exclusive rewards.





Everything you need to buy, rent, groom or service, in the one app. True mobile minimalism. 



Universal cashback rewards on every dollar you drop. Why spend elsewhere? 



Simple, intuitive app that lets you reserve, purchase, review and earn in just a few simple taps. 


  • All your favorite stores and services in one app
  • BUY: retail, groceries, coffee
  • Book: salon services, auto tune-ups, handyman and more
  • 0.5% cashback on every purchase
  • Contactless payment... even in-store


There's no way you have all of my favorite stores
and services on your app.

The customer is always right, but in this case... We're proud to say we have X businesses on our app, and we're growing. The more people like you join, the more we can revolutionize retail. Making it take less time and mean more, for many. 

How does the cashback feature work?

Every purchase you make through the app gives you 0.5% cashback. That's yours to spend in-app on any good or service you fancy. That's just one simple reason why you should choose us. Why spend money on the same thing through another app that doesn't give you cashback? 

How much does the app actually cost?

It's free of charge. No sneaky 'premium level' advertising. We make our money through transaction and service fees. 

Doesn't this app impact small businesses?

Yes - but maybe not in the way you'd expect. We're alleviating the load on SMEs so that they don't have to stress about developing an app in order to compete with big business. We're helping them grow by increasing their visibility. And our cashback program doesn't have any bearing on their revenue. Check out our business platform for more info on how we're helping SMEs.  

I don't like your aesthetic.

Everything is not for everyone. That's why your app can be personalized for you. We're talking color scheme, font and additions. It's yours, so we want you to make it yours.