Why heymate!

As a business owner, you get busy.

You make use of different software, outsource processes, or handle it all yourself. But what if everything you need to run operations was available in one, high-speed place, virtually free? What kind of time and money could that save you?

For years now, this tech has been available. To help SMEs stop getting by, and start thriving. With heymate! we're bringing it to you. One platform, for all your operations needs.

Your business management revolution. All you need is a tablet or computer and an internet connection. Get started today, with set-up in minutes.


Automated Payroll + HR

Complete each pay cycle in as little as 20 minutes with our add-on from Push Operations. Not only do they automate tax deductions and remittance, they handle compliance, regulated by industry experts.

Automated Payroll + HR

Loyalty + Rewards

Take your customer experience to the next level with our partners Echoss and Snaplii. Reward for engagement with custom discounts, deals and digital stamps. Powered by metrics and personalized by smart insights.

Loyalty + Rewards

Virtual Reality Store

The latest tech shouldn't be exclusive. With the VR industry growing at a CAGR of 18% each year, now is the time to get involved. Thanks to Matterport, we're making your VR store easy, with set-up in minutes.

Automated Payroll + HR

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